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NFC Marketing

elephant NFC tag

In our current climate, digital marketing is valued above all other forms of strategic marketing, and NFC technology is an untapped gold mine. NFC can be adapted to successfully market or advertise targeted campaigns, access product information and offers or simply allow customers to access information about your store or brand with ease. Retail brands,[…]

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NFC Retail Marketing

Merging digital technology into skillfully designed marketable products, NFC is the leading underground tech taking over the marketing scene. Contactless has gone from being an accessible, quick-fire payment device to something far more progressive. Customers can access product information, offers and more from the tap of a phone, and despite being a technology expecting to[…]

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NFC Retail Marketing UK

NFC’s elusive technology has the power to revive brick-and-mortar retail and is already dominating marketing globally. This clever technology is predicted to boom in the next few years, partly due to the rise in worldwide popularity of Smartphone usage. Both Apple and Android Smartphones have in built NFC technology, which now enables customers to access[…]

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NFC Marketing UK

Clients today are constantly chasing the next big marketing trend, and interactive design agencies are invariably expected to be one step ahead of the game. Developments in how we can successfully market products to a variety of ever-changing audiences are progressing rapidly. More time is being spent analysing how customers are looking to interact with[…]

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