6 Ingenious Uses for NFC Marketing Products

At goTap we’re one of the highest ranked companies for NFC/RFID contactless products in the UK. In our latest blog we discuss 6 ingenious uses for NFC marketing products.



NFC technology can be adapted to successfully market or advertise targeted campaigns, access product information and offers or simply allow customers to access information about your store or brand with ease. Stores, restaurants and bars can all benefit from having technology that allows customers to access information whilst strolling down the street, browsing products or being sat at a table or bar. There’s even technology currently developing to support anti-counterfeit solutions with NFC forum research and platforms such as Orygene.

Social Media

Speed is always a top priority when it comes to searching for products or information online. Having to search for social media handles or typing in websites can make customers less likely to seek out your brand or business in the future. NFC tagging can be used to directly link to your website or social media platforms by simply tapping your phone. Clients and customers can keep up to date on what’s trending, latest offers or how to keep in touch for future occasions. and be more interactive with videos and media too, gaining you likes and followers and boosting site conversion rates.


Mainstream music and arts festivals are becoming progressively more sustainable and efficient by expanding their digital technology, with many even incorporating NFC tech into art and theatre displays or even festival wristbands. PlayPass just announced recent plans for cashless festivals, incorporating NFC technology and mobile app devices, with Kent’s Black Deer Festival having visitors double for their first trial of the NFC led campaign. With sustainability and waste reduction being a top priority for most festivals in the current climate, usage such as this is set to grow bigger and bigger.


In a similar way to how NFC technology has been integrated into festival wristbands, NFC is making spectacular changes in healthcare, through the use of smart devices for hospitals, medical wristbands, and other medical technology systems. Helping those both in hospital and assisted living care, NFC devices can allow healthcare professionals to access patient medical information, track their progress and medication and prevent confusing paperwork or lost record keeping.


Developments in travel is one of the most talked about uses of NFC technology, including the ability for smartphones to access tickets, boarding passes, luggage descriptions and details. There is even talk of NFC being used in replacement of paper format passports and identification methods at airports, with digital replacements being deemed a safer way to store information on identity following recent changes in GDPR laws.

Museums and Tour Guides

With many artistic exhibitions and visual displays choosing to consolidate NFC technology into their designs, it’s no wonder large scale museums, parks and tours are choosing to merge this same style of digital marketing into educational and informative talks and guides. Encoded NFC tags can help you access information to find a specific map location, historical exhibit or interactive display.



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