Let GoTap Help You Go Beyond Standard Marketing for Ambitious Clients

Clients today are constantly chasing the next big marketing trend, and interactive design agencies are invariably expected to be one step ahead of the game. Developments in how we can successfully market products to a variety of ever-changing audiences are progressing rapidly.

More time is being spent analysing how customers are looking to interact with products and devices, with both speed and creativity being a key part in what designs and trends are proving popular. At goTap, we know the importance of keeping customers engaged and inspired by the ways they can connect and communicate with brands, products and stores. We revolutionise the way customers interact with physical goods and go beyond standard marketing for ambitious clients with tailored campaigns, tracking and stats, incorporating ingenuitive NFC technology. Our dynamic team of marketers, technical geeks and technicians work together to create creative, innovative, beautiful campaigns that help to empower businesses both local and national.

NFC Technology Basics

For those who don’t know, NFC (or Near Field Communication) is an intelligent and interactive type of RFID technology, capable of sharing information and communicating via products and devices, whilst keeping data secure. Most notably it is known for its use on smartphones and applications such as Apple Pay. This same technology has since been opened up to millions of new products and devices, and is predicted to be one of the largest underground technologies set to blow up over the next 5 – 10 years.

NFC Tags

As the NFC Forum describes, an NFC tag is an “unpowered microchip that is embedded in a product label, retail display, a smart poster, or most places where you see this symbol (N-Mark).” By simply tapping your device against an NFC tag, information is sent directly to your phone, providing anything from product information, offers or rewards to interactive experiences from events, stores and big name brands.

Where goTap comes in…

At goTap we create targeted campaigns incorporating NFC marketing technology for your company or brand. We can design and easily program personalised NFC tags on products for your store, office or visual display. Tap products can be used to lead customers to specific product info with ease, find locations, push online websites and social media or access vouchers or special offers. There’s also a large variety of marketing merchandise our tags can be applied to, including stickers, posters and other personalised items. There are so many possibilities that our NFC marketing technology can be applied to and our team will work closely with you to create precisely the campaign and products you are looking for.



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