NFC’s Remarkable Ability to Drive Sales in Restaurants and Retail

In our current climate, digital marketing is valued above all other forms of strategic marketing, and NFC technology is an untapped gold mine. NFC can be adapted to successfully market or advertise targeted campaigns, access product information and offers or simply allow customers to access information about your store or brand with ease. Retail brands, stores, restaurants and bars can all benefit from having technology that allows customers to access information whilst strolling down the street, browsing products or being sat at a table or bar.

The more accessible products are, the more likely it is for consumers to engage, thereby increasing the likelihood of sales growth. NFC tags can also link directly to your website or product pages, increasing conversion rates and online sales too. Large name brands already implementing large scale NFC campaigns in their retail displays and marketing strategies include Adidas, Absolut, Malibu, LEGO, Nike, Timberland and Burberry. 

New statistics only prove this further, with recent surveys showing that over 90% of customers opt for browsing or buying products in store with the Global NFC Market predicted to reach an estimated £40 billion by 2025.

There’s also a large variety of marketing merchandise our tags can be applied to, including stickers, posters and other personalised items. There are so many possibilities that our technology can be applied to and our goTap team will work closely with you to create precisely the campaign and products you are looking for.

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