We’ve reached 2020, and developments across the world are fast being worked on for the arrival of 5G. 10 years have now passed since the advancements made towards creating 4G, and this time round 5G is predicted to be implemented to a larger variation of devices. 

According to Cryptographer David Smith on the NFC Forum, 5G is set to provide a “high-speed, low-latency network with an expected speed of 2Gbit/s, 5G is also expected to boost IoT implementation and provide an opportunity to create new kinds of futuristic applications which may sound like science fiction today.”

You may be wondering how NFC relates to these changes, so to put it simplistically, with 5G’s rise in power there will be changes to how other devices interact with NFC. With more internet enabled products and advancements in how we communicate device to device, NFC and RFID technology will be a large part of this. 

NFC devices are making progress across a huge range of industries in 2020, with updates in communication and interaction for manufacturing and marketing for companies and products, personal healthcare management and  electronic health records, in addition to increased security for payments and secure data and the speed of real-time transactions. 

The inner mechanisms of 5G have been created to better support automation systems and devices through greater developed AI and analytics, making it an accessible experience spread across retail stores, homes, personal devices and transport. NFC will be a key player in helping to support such progression through the production of more smart technology and contactless NFC devices. With NFC, the possibilities for continuous breakthroughs and improvements in digital marketing and how we as consumers interact digitally with sales, products and devices, are boundless. It’s a technology we advise to be adapted to any good businesses’ marketing campaign as we enter a new decade of technological advancements and discoveries.

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