A Greener, Sustainable Future for NFC

Over the past year we watched millions take action across the globe in an effort to reduce waste and promote sustainability. With all of us making conscientious changes to be more environmentally friendly, it’s time that companies stepped up and made their own transformations for 2020. 

The need to eradicate single-use plastics, work with more eco-friendly materials and encourage recycling and re-usability is a demand globally. And as a company, we’re dedicated to supporting this cause and cutting down on waste in any way we can. 

Questions in regards to NFC’s sustainability and impact on our environment are an important part of the planning process when looking to purchase NFC/RFID products. In the past manufacturing guidelines for NFC products have largely focused on safety and restrictions in regards to the use of hazardous materials, but with consumer focus shifting to include environmental impact, it’s becoming an important part to be considered in the construction process. 

Nowadays NFC products encourage re-usability and the reduction of waste, with the idea being a product that’s digital is less disposable, and is more likely to be continually used as opposed to repeatedly wasting or chucking out printed products when they’re no longer relevant. There’s also the need for manufacturers to switch to more sustainable materials in production, such as swapping PET plastics for a paper-based substrate when creating NFC chips and taking a closer look at more generalised manufacturing processes to reduce company-wide carbon footprint by a far greater percentage.

There’s no immediate quick-fix or one-way system for creating more sustainable products and work environments, but with ongoing realistic changes and a commitment to creating a greater awareness on these issues, we can make the promise of giving NFC partners and products a greener future.


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