Major Brands Perfecting NFC Campaigns

Major brands are perfecting the use of NFC/RFID technology in advertising campaigns. With the use of more interactive displays to entice consumers to new products and creating new and ingenious ways to access information. We had a dig into some of the top name brands implementing NFC in their marketing as fantastic examples on the future of RFID technology.


Award-winning car brand BMW merged NFC technology with elegantly designed, printed advertisements published in network magazines. The discreetly embedded RFID chips allowed users to access exclusive content online whilst providing tracing and analytics based on reader responses with a simple tap of their phone. 


Adidas recently created ‘tap to learn’ tags embedded with NFC tech for several sports ranges of their shoes. This enabled customers to access quick and easy information on their products whilst having them in hand, providing faster ways to purchase or browse information online from inside a busy store environment.


Leading drinks brand Malibu integrated NFC into 45,000 of their drinks bottles through the use of printed bottle top hangers. They were distributed to over 1,575 Tesco stores and customers were able to access games, prizes and rewards by tapping the bottle with their phone, acting as a speedy way to give back to their clients online. 


Google is a key partner of the NFC forum who provides research and information on groundbreaking new developments in NFC technology. An example of Google merging their campaigns with NFC tech, included the interactive Google Play displays designed at airports allowing travellers to download books, movies, music and apps buy touching the exhibit screens with their phones.

Amazon, Microsoft and PayPal 

Microsoft, Amazon and PayPal are all big name brands involved in technology, retail and sales. Dedicated to staying ahead of the game, all three companies have adopted the use of NFC/RFID technology by using contactless methods and stickers allowing users to access rewards, make payments and transfers and access their accounts with speed.


(Yes! Us!) Last but definitely not least, at Gotap we can apply all of the above technology, to brands big or small, local or national. We’ve adapted a huge variety of NFC products to suit any business marketing style or need. We have the knowledge to transform every day marketing campaigns and products into something trendsetting, stylish and digital.


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