Spotting the Differences between QR Codes and NFC

One of the most frequently asked questions we receive from clients or customers is simply what’s so special about NFC? How does it differ from just ordinary QR codes? And although it might not seem like the differences are big, they actually make a huge difference to what you can achieve and the speed in which a task can be safely performed.

Most remember QR codes as being strange shaped patterns, similar to a bar code, usually seen on a large retail chain advertisement or whilst shopping in-store. And from a basic level, both NFC tags and QR codes interpret information and redirect you to a desired web page or product.

However NFC offers far speedier and safer transactions and more possibilities for re-usability. NFC is also more eco-friendly, with companies making huge progress and changes to ensure that materials used and process of creation are more sustainable. QR codes largely rely on print production, if a company decides it wants to alter what the code links to, an entirely new one will have to be ordered and printed, therefore having more of a negative impact environmentally. NFC tags have the ability to change its internal information and offer redirection without the creation or purchase of a new tag.

There’s also the point to make about ease of use. To operate QR codes, customers would have to download an app onto their smart phone and always use this app to access content, which many users were put off by. Now thanks to updated technology with Apple and Android smartphones, NFC technology has been opened up so any form of RFID contactless tag can be accessed by simply tapping or hovering over it.

Ultimately, it’s widely predicted that the use of NFC will prove far popular and reliable over QR codes due to it being superior in so many new ways. It’s our responsibility at goTap to ensure we’re providing our clients with the best possible technology and opportunities for their business and to help explain any queries they have. If you have more to ask, why not drop us a message!

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